Meet our Team

Mike Mcclelland

Mike McClelland, who started the travel agency in 1981, first fished New Zealand in 1974 and has made over 70 trips since then to explore, research, and enjoy this beautiful and friendly country. These trips have included most areas of New Zealand including the Chatham Islands, and Great Barrier Island.


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Frank Krieger

Frank Krieger – recently joined the Best of New Zealand and will help with our internet marketing and to expand the Best of New Zealand portfolio. He brings extensive technical and sales management experience after spending the last 8 years with IBM.


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Karen Miller

Karen Miller is a Kiwi and has been with The Best of New Zealand since 1994. Karen has spent the last 30 plus years involved with the travel industry. She regularly travels to New Zealand to stay updated on current industry developments and to visit her family.


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* Karen is a Kiwi, now in USA but returns once or twice a year.

Cristina Randall

Cristina Randall was born in Chile where she earned a degree in Tourism and Hospitality . She has worked in the travel industry since 1984. Fo the last 29 years she has specialized in helping plan and book trips to New Zealand and the South Pacific.


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Georgina Zepeda

Georgina Zepeda, who coordinates our clients’ air travel, has an Associates Degree in Travel and Hospitality and has over nineteen years experience as a travel agent (over fifteen years with The Best of New Zealand).


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Eta Lum

Eta Lum was born in Levuka on the island of Ovalau in Fiji. Levuka was the capital of Fiji from 1874 to 1883 and today has a population of about 3,000 people. Her father, two sisters and a brother live in Fiji which she tries to visit every two years.


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Kelli Mutchler

When Kelli shouted “I love this place!” from the top of Queenstown Hill, nearly 8 years ago, she had no idea how much New Zealand would become a part of her existence.

First drawn to the country as an American university graduate on a working holiday visa, Kelli soon met a dashing Kiwi bloke and took to calling NZ her second home.


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**Kelli is married to a Kiwi and has lived in NZ for about two years