NZ is busier than it looks

It's a big season and availability is tight

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New Zealand is approaching the height of the summer and the country is again experiencing the fruits of its successful tourism efforts worldwide. As a result, the country has seen an increase in global recognition as a safe & stunningly beautiful destination.

Whether you plan to visit for the scenery, food & wine, or adventure and sport, don’t relegate yourself to a commoditized experience. Planning your vacation through a myriad of internet links and paid reviews (activities with large marketing budgets) will provide little insight into the details.

It is the details that separate a good time from a great time when you will look back at your time in the country. Make sure your time and capital are well spent

Our service provides you with an itemized itinerary- that is transparent pricing into accommodations, activities, etc! You can observe that you will pay the same to book via our service as you would if you had booked directly. The advantage? You receive assurance of expert advice and increase the chances leaving New Zealand knowing what it is to have a true Kiwi experience!