Travel Planner and Questionnaire

When filling out our Travel Planning Questionnaire keep in mind that we are a Professional Travel Agency that specializes in New Zealand travel. It is our only destination and we know the country better than anyone.

We invite you to benefit from our years of Kiwi research and relationship-building and experience. We personally evaluate New Zealand’s travel options on our numerous visits, and receive hundreds of trip reports from our clients each year that provide further appraisals of the guides and properties.

Don’t be confused or misled by the explosion of offerings on the Internet. We can help you plan all aspects of a New Zealand trip that meets your desires and budget. Whether we book a full country fishing and sightseeing trip or just a day or two of guided fishing — and it you pay no more (and sometime less) than booking direct.

We can also offer the lowest airfares available for the International flights from the USA to New Zealand.

Please provide as much information as possible on our Questionnaire so we can help you plan and book a ‘Down Under’ experience of a lifetime.

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Travel Planing Questionnaire


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