Unique New Zealand

NZ is a Unique Destination

As such it needs a unique and specialist approach!

We have heard many stories from people who have planned their own trip (or booked using a travel agent that has never been to New Zealand) of how things that are unique to New Zealand have caught them unawares.

NZ is a rugged country prone to rapidly fluctuating weather conditions. Many roads and routes are mountainous and weather dependent. We advise you on routes, possible hazards and realistic driving times from one place to another. We ensure you get to your next destination safely, enjoyably and in good time, rather than having a story to tell of a missed connection or stressful journey!

Local know-how can also be invaluable in making sure you get to the right destination! Place names in New Zealand are often in the Maori language. Many first time visitors can be confused by Maori place names that can sound very alike.

When you book with us you use our local know-how, local connections and extensive experience. As specialist New Zealand Travel Agents, we take the pain out of planning and we make the right decisions for you every time, leaving you free to spend 100% of your time enjoying New Zealand!

Let us take you off the beaten track

We plan ‘off the beaten track’ itineraries and specialize in using small individual accommodation with friendly Kiwi hospitality. We provide guaranteed peace of mind: delivering the right quality and right itinerary for you at the right price.

Tried and Tested

Accommodation that looks appealing on a website might provide some nasty surprises when you arrive; an unappealing or noisy location; fraudulent trip reports and/or deceptive photos, unfriendly staff. We check our accommodation providers scrupulously, ensuring your accommodation is memorable for all the right reasons!