Why choose The Best Of New Zealand


We have specialized in travel to New Zealand for over twenty years. Our business, as the name implies, is all about New Zealand. Since my first visit in 1974 I have journeyed to New Zealand over seventy times. On each trip I continue to enjoy and marvel at the unsurpassed scenery and beauty of New Zealand and the wonderful, friendly Kiwi hospitality.


We deal directly with the operators in New Zealand. No inbound operators or middlemen fees are incurred by our clients. There is no extra charge for our consulting and other services and no hidden fees are added to the detailed, itemized invoices we provide each of our clients. Our clients pay the same rates as if they booked directly with the lodges, but they avoid the hassle, time, expense, and risk of trying to plan a Kiwi vacation without expert guidance. Plus, we are always on the lookout for options to save our clients’ money.

Once we have planned your trip our work does not end. We provide you complete detailed vouchers, maps & directions, contact names & telephone numbers to leave at home and office, and information on other activities and sightseeing.

While you are on your trip we continue to reconfirm your arrival times at the various properties; watch for changes in airline flight schedules; and make sure any special dietary requirements are looked after. We want to make sure you have a hassle free trip of a lifetime. When you return we ask that you complete a trip report so we can continue to evaluate the services provided to our clients by New Zealand operators. Customer satisfaction and quality control are essential to us.


I send all our employees to New Zealand at least once a year to visit the properties we use and experience the activities we recommend. There is no substitute for being able to describe a property or activity from first hand experience. All the employees in our office have made numerous trips to New Zealand and have extensive experience (several of them for over 16 years) in organizing and selling travel to New Zealand. The Best of New Zealand team stays in the accommodations, participates in the local activities, and samples the local cuisine. We personally check out your travel options before recommending them to you.

We believe we know New Zealand travel better than anyone else and invite you to benefit from our years of Kiwi research, relationship building, and experience.

The Best Of New Zealand

Give us a call and let us help you plan your New Zealand trip. Whether its your first trip “down under,” or a repeat visit, we will design an itinerary to match your interests and budget. We gladly share our knowledge of New Zealand to help you experience the trip of a lifetime.

If you are looking for an unforgettable New Zealand experience call or email me or my award-winning staff and enjoy the benefits of our unmatched New Zealand expertise and service

Give us a call, (800) 528-6129, or email, info@BestofNZ.net, to begin planning your New Zealand trip. There is no charge for our services and no hidden fees in the detailed invoices we provide each of our clients. Don’t be left out – call now and use our unparalleled expertise to plan your next trip “down under.”