Why use an agent?

for your NZ Vacation

It’s simple. We will save you time, money and frustration.

We agree that sometimes it’s a good idea (and easy) to plan vacations yourself. But sometimes it’s not and this is why we step in.

NZ is an international destination and a very unique one!

Travelling to NZ and ensuring you make the most of all the amazing experiences this country offers can be quite a complex process. A multitude of issues can arise both in the planning stage, and when you are travelling (e.g. closed mountain passes, missed connections). We save you a huge amount of time and stress by taking all the hard work from you. If things go wrong, we will make them right. As true experts and committed professionals, we efficiently provide you with a tailor-made holiday and continuing support that means you have a safe, enjoyable and stress free experience from start to finish. You may have a million questions – give us the pleasure of answering them!

You’re not sure where you should go.

New Zealand has so many beautiful and amazing things to see and do! What should you definitely see and do? What can you miss out? What’s the best way around the country? Looking at all the available information is consuming all your time and you’re still confused! STOP! Give us the responsibility of planning your perfect vacation. With 25 years of specialist NZ experience and complete commitment to the satisfaction of each client, we take the time to become familiar with your needs so that we steer you in the right direction for every part of your trip. You will return with wonderful memories, rested and refreshed – rather than needing a holiday to recover!

It all adds up.

Even with all these benefits, many people still believe that going through an agent is more expensive than booking it themselves. Actually, it’s no more expensive and is often cheaper. Our connections mean we often get better rates than people booking individually, and our experience also means you don’t make any expensive mistakes!